The pub „U Salzmannů“

Design of leaflets for the pub U Salzmannů

Illustrations for briefly written history of the pub itself and also the story about a journey how the Pilsen beer came to Prague.


The Week

Illustrations for the poem of Radek Malý

This work created during my studies in Pilsen under control Lucie Lomová.


Once Upon a Time There Was a House

Children rhyme

Picture book about folk poem “Once Upon a Time There Was a House“ created in two techniques. This work was created for Open air Gallery in Pilsen.


Legends of Pilsen Illustrations

„Legends from mysterious and magical places.“

Collective student project of 24 illustrations and 3 book covers for three-volume pulication (Pošumaví, Přeštičko and Nepomucko region).

Published by MAS Association Aktivos in 2013.


Comic books

Comic book about the life of Aleš Hrdlička for the exhibition “Inventors and Inventions” in National museum in Prague, 2012.   exhibition

Comic book about the life of railway designer Jan Perner for the competition CZ.KOMIKS.11

Comic book about the legend related to Pilsner house in Bezručova street. (create in two different techniques)


Odysseus and Cyclope

Illustrations and instalation of the ancient epic story.

Besides illustrated book, in form of a diary, installation of lager life-size figures from plastic and statue made from the polyurethane foam were also created.


Figural Drawing

Life-size figural drawings

Drawings were created under control of prof. akad. mal. Boris Jirků. Four works were displayed during exhibitions Figurama 11 and 12 in Prague.


A mural drawing

Various motives

Clowns in tne nursery / Motorbike in the children’s room / The tree as a bulletin board in the Sana plasma centre, Pilsen.