Infographic Day

Animated video

The work was created during my four-month internship in graphic design studio Vertigo Design in Rome.



The Retro Collection

Original author’s workbooks

Covers are made of collage technique from old newspapers and magazines. You can find some interesting facts to read and look at in the workbooks. Workbooks have openable rings for adding papers.


Café at the Cafamily

Designs of promotional materials and cover design for fictive café.

There is a food and drink menu, leaflet, business card, materials for children’s corner and designs of cups and takeaway boxes.


Vine label

Vine label „KOMIKS“

Design of a vine label for various occations. Comics bubbles allow you to fill in the information about „why, when and to whom“ the bottle is addressed and create an original present.


Cover for the vinyl

The Fimfárum

Design of the the cover for vinyl record of fairy tales of Jan Werich – The Fimfárum.



Author´s postcards. Theme: City Mountains Sea


Gallery of Nowadays

Collection of posters

Remakes of masterpieces of famous painters transformed to the up-to-date digital form. Our digital word needs simple, quick transport of information, minimalism and comunication with help of pictograms. Handwork is replaced by the computer. Including art …


The Beer Festival

Promotional material for „The Beer Festival“

This work was created during the internship in Poznan. (Uniwersytet Artystyczny). The materials include e.g. design of poster, billboard, tickets, leaflet, cover for CD, etc.

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Cover design for the book Emigrants by Sławomir Mrożek

Work was creates during the internship at Uniwersytet Artystyczny in Poznan.